Iron Sharpens Iron

18 01 2012

Have you ever wondered how professional football players train during the off season? How they can maintain incredible muscle mass while staying lean and increasing speed and agility? Besides God-given genetics and a solid diet, an immense amount of hard work is still required.

Courtesy - Chad Howes Fitness

Its no secret, I’m a fan of Tim Tebow and his work ethic. Sure he may have a deluge of supporting figures including trainers, coaches, nutritionists, and the like; but we all have the ability to change and transform through hard work and a strong work ethic.

“Its not always about the workout, its about the work ethic. When you have the work ethic, then you can find the workout designed to fit what your trying to accomplish.” – Tebow


Tebow uses a metabolic conditioning circuit including the following exercises:

  1. Vertical Set Circuit – Using a barbell, performs Clean High Pulls, Roman Deadlifts, Low Row, Back Squat, Push Press
  2. Sled Drives: Stay low and push the sled for 20 yards
  3. Explosive Bosu Push-Up: Adds an upper-body power element to the circuit
  4. Sledgehammer Tire Pulls: Using the sledgehammers allows you to stay upright and maintain proper body position when pulling the tire
  5. Lateral Quick Feet Ladder Drill: Improves footwork while under fatigue
  6. Drop and Sprint Bag Drill: Adds a QB-specific movement to the conditioning circuit


After completing the conditioning circuit, Tebow performs a strength workout using the following exercises:

  1. Incline Tsuki Dumbbell Press: Strengthens the chest, shoulders and triceps; rotate palms inward as you lower the dumbbells to your chest
  2. Batwing Dumbbell Row: Lying face down on incline bench, pull the dumbbells up while retracting your shoulder blades, holds for one count, and lowers the dumbbells to start position
  3. Lumberjack Press: Grasping the end of the barbell with one hand, press the barbell out and in front of your body


The design and purpose of this workout is to become more explosive and stronger, all in an effort to maintain fundamentals through fatigue. This workout doesn’t only have a great CONDITIONING effect, but also a great STRENGTH effect.

Train to have an edge and always DEFY THE ODDS


The “Tebow-Effect”

12 01 2012


This past week ESPN released a poll stating “Tebow has passed Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and others to become America’s most popular sports star” – Overlooking the fact that the poll was based on less than 1,500 voters, and the fact that he only pulled 3% of the vote (47 people!!) – I think ESPN has realized the power of the “Tebow-Effect.”

A popular men’s underwear company, Jockey, recently launched their “StayCool” collection with Tebow and the face of the campaign.  “Having Tebow as the face of this campaign, sparked our number one selling product over the past 8 years.”– Debra Waller (Chariman and CEO of Jockey Int.).

Tebow jockey


The secret’s out, using Tebow pays off now more then ever.  ESPN turned a bogus “sports” poll into an attention-grabbing headline people wanted to see, and Jockey is seeing  their investment from over a year ago pay off big time.  Everything that he touches seems to turn to gold.  

I remember watching him when he was back in Florida and his attitude and drive really taught me that giving up was not an option and never would be.  What’s it going to take to make everything you touch turn to gold?  It won’t come overnight and may not happen for years, but if you put in the dedication and hard work, it will come.  May not be gold, but it will be something that makes you happy, gives you something to believe in.  This life is more than a hectic 8 to 5, and an occasional relaxing weekend  – find what your passionate about, never give up the dream, and always Defy the Odds

P.S. – In the next few days look for a series of workouts inspired by Tebow’s off-season workout regiment 

Stacked Odds

10 01 2012

I would first like to start by setting the correct context; I don’t consider myself a hardcore Bronco fan or even a fan of Pro Football in general; I will admit however that I have been a Tebow fan since he made headlines in Florida.  I’ve always drawn inspiration from his dedication to hard work and drive to prove the ‘na-sayer’s’ wrong.  Everyone seemed to discount him.  All the analysts and experts said the Steelers were ‘without-a-doubt’ headed home with a victory. They discounted Tebow and the Broncos from the get-go; didn’t even give them a fighting chance. So much for the experts.

The odds were stacked against Tebow and he didn’t disappoint. He seems to have a resilience for the times when people start doubting; it lights a fire, turns on the ignition, changes his game. He becomes BETTER when the odds are stacked. He was straight called out by his mentor and boss, Elway; faced criticism for the past few weeks by everyone from the media to his own “fans”, and I’m sure he was well aware of it.  But unlike others, it fueled him to greatness.
*He has the type of resiliency we all need when it comes to everyday fitness*
The odds are stacked against us.  The average American is overweight and dying from the processed sludge that’s consumed by the $millions every day.  Everyone wants to be in-shape, but refuses to make the time and commitment beat the odds; say no for once.
Why can’t you have chiseled abs and strong arms?  Why can’t you be the most successful of your peers?  Take inspiration from others, take time to learn, help those less fortunate, and always Defy the Odds

Denver Half 9-11-2011

17 09 2011

Its been a while since I’ve updated, so I wanted to get back into the swing of thing!

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to do something competitive and get back into being the best athlete I could be.  I was definitely stuck in the rutt of going to the gym daily and doing the same thing over and over, and although I made “progress” I didn’t make an progress to be a better athlete.  I went up and down, got bigger then smaller, stronger then weaker.  I will always stay a natural athlete, so I didn’t have that option to break my rutt.  Work harder? or work longer? or both.  How can I really become a better overall athlete?  I decided that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something different was going to help me make that change.

Denver Half Marathon

I’ve always loved running but I haven’t made it a point to train to be a better runner.  So one day, out of the blue, I decided to sign up for a half marathon, which turned into a great decision!  Last weekend I completed my first 13.2 mile run with a time of 1:54:46, which beat my goal of finishing under 2 hours!  Next one, I’m shooting to get under 1:45:00.

Tryout for a sports team, sign up to run ridiculous distances, compete in a crossfit competition, sign up for MMA training – whatever it is, step out of you comfort zone and always be sure to DEFY THE ODDS!!



Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 15

8 03 2011

Today was the start of our 3rd week of the Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Program.  Today we got back to the body building style of workouts.  It was a full upper body session, lots of sets, and heavy weights.

Stats from today


  • High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carbs – Definitely a hard day to stick to the diet but only one more day of this diet tomorrow then the rest of the week is more enjoyable!


  • None


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 15 – Classic body building session


Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 12

7 03 2011

Another grueling session! We stuck with another hybrid style session, except for this time we wanted to keep it mostly body weight movements.  We started with back pulls, then moved to burpee’s, cruised right into box jumps, and finished off with HSPU’s.  Repeated that circuit several times and then did a little ab work.  This was our last workout of the week so we wanted to make sure it was a high intensity, beneficial session!

Stats from today


  • Low Carb, High Fat, High Protein – Loving the high fat days! I’ve definitely been spending too much time on a high protein and low everything else diet over the past few years.


  • General: Multivitamin, Fish Oil, and B-Complex
  • Pre-Workout: Special blend of White Flood and Body Rush
  • Post-Workout: Max Muscles ARM and 1/4 cup oats..Shake together and enjoy!


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 12 – Hybrid Circuit!



Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 11

3 03 2011

Ooooh my, crazy session tonight! It was absolutely grueling.  We went from power movement to power movement, back to back, no breaks.  We started with Power Cleans, moved through some other movements and finished off with Wide Pushups.  Here’s a little more detail from today.

Stats from today


  • Now shifting to High Fat, High Protein, Low Carbs


  • General: Multivitamin and Antioxidant Shot and Fish Oil
  • Pre-Workout: Special blend of White Flood, Body Rush, and a very small amount Jack3d
  • Post-Workout: Max Muscle’s ARM


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 10 – Barbell Power Circuit of Power Cleans, Front Squats, Push Press, Bent Over Row, RDL, Wide Pushups.  All those moves back to back, trying to hit 8 reps of each! Absolutely killer for the legs, shoulders, back, and forearms.  By the end of one circuit it feels like a full workout…then we did 3 additional circuits! ABSOLUTELY KILLER

Try out your own Barbell Power Circuits.  Start with a complete power move and move along to compound movements, then isolated movements.  These are great cause they’re completely custom to what you want to work.  Keep up the HARD WORK and NEVER BACK DOWN!