Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 9

1 03 2011

Another killer session today!  Me and Levi hit legs hard.  Started out with heavy squats and continued with stiff deads then finished off with some explosive and brutal movements.  If your not dripping with sweat after a leg session, you need to switch it up!

Stats from today


  • Another low carb, low fat, high protein day


  • General: Multi
  • Pre-Workout: Special blend of White Flood, Body Rush, and Green Mag
  • Post-Workout: Max Muscle’s Arm


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 9 – Like I mentioned above, heavy leg day with brutal explosive movements to finish

Tomorrow we have a well deserved rest day and I’m looking forward to it!  I will definitely be focused on keeping my diet clean tomorrow especially with a day off of training. My diet will consist of a moderately even proportion of carbs and protein with low fats.  I’ll be back at it Thursday with Day 11!