Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 8

28 02 2011

Today was the start of my 2nd week of the LHMR system.  After a day off of training yesterday and a reloading diet, I felt better then ever during the training session tonight! Lots of energy and drive.  I love how Sundays is a day to really relax and reload to get better for another grueling week.  Tonight the training consisted of a Power Building routine with lots of heavy weight and lower rep counts.  Check of what went down today..

Stats from today


  • Low Carbs, Low Fats, High Protein – Bodybuilding style


  • General: Multivitamin liquid shot
  • Pre-Workout: Special blend of Body Rush, White Flood and Green Mag
  • Post-Workout: Max Muscle’s ARM


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 8 – Great traditional bodybuilding workout tonight.  All upper body movements finished off with a Sprint/KB Swing circuit which was brutal!

Keep pushing, eat clean, and TRAIN HARD!





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