Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1 – Day 6

28 02 2011

Last Saturday we wrapped up our last session of week one! This week has been brutal, but rewarding.  I hit my diet numbers each day as well as all the training sessions.

Stats from Saturday


  • High Fat, High Protein, Low Carb


  • General: Multivitamin and Fish Oil
  • Pre-Workout: Custom mix of Body Rush and White Flood
  • Post-Workout: 2 Scoops Whey Protein


  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Phase 1, Day 6.  Last day of the first week of phase 1.  The session is specifically designed to hit a lagging body part and we chose chest.  This workout was fairly straight forward but it really hit the chest hard.

Looking forward to starting up week 2 later this evening!





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