Day Off..

17 02 2011

Today was a day off for me and i’ve been needing it!  Yesterday me and my boy Levi killed legs.  Here’s a rundown of what we did…

We stared off with heavy squats and punched out 5 sets of 5. Next came DB step ups.  We were feeling it by now, but we forged on with heavy Stiff Leg Deadlifts followed by a density set of lunges, plate crunchers, calves, and bear crawls which absolutely finished us off!

I’ll be the first to legs are skinny, weak, and need some help! I use to neglect legs to focus on the “glamor” muscles but that really wasn’t helping me in any way.  By neglecting I was missing out on building more muscle, which in turn would allow me to burn more fat.  Live and learn right?

I definitely have a new mind set when stepping into the gym to train..GET BETTER.  Approach every set, every rep, and every move with increased intensity and a drive to be your very best!





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